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5-6, 1, August Harney, Lizard Dot Painting

August Harney took first place in grades 5-6 for “Lizard Dot Painting” in the 2019 Youth Art Awards

Youth Art Winners Range Across the Spectrum

The 2019 entries in our Youth Art awards present an unparalleled range of technique and approach. In particular, the ceramic pieces, many designed as bird houses, reflect an intense yet delightful power of imagination.

The award ceremony on April 13 honored the winners in fifteen categories, as chosen by judges Karen Black and Frank and Linda Rump. All entries are on exhibit at the library through April 27.

(To see all the first-place winners, click here)

The 60 winners from among the 116 entries pre-selected by the art teachers:

Kindergarten: 1st, Brielle Wade, Tree Landscape; 2nd, Hailey Huntingcut, Lines; 3rd, Hunter Smith, Van Gogh Buildings; HM, Collin Koenig, Figure Silhouette.

Grades 1-2: 1st, Amelia Reese, Red and Yellow Sunflowers; 2nd, Naviah McCloud, Dinosaur Silhouette; 3rd, Isaiah Bohensky, Mondrian Animal; HM, Benjamin Swift, Cat on Fence.

Grades 3-4: 1st, Carter Blasi, Birch Trees; 2nd, Olivia Entz, Poppies; 3rd, Brayden Fitzgerald, Black and White Mug; HM, Jayden Bahr, Simple Figures.

Grades 5-6: 1st, August Harney, Lizard Dot Painting; 2nd, Madelynn Leonard, One Point Perspective; 3rd, Jenna Eberlin, Flower Batik; HM, Ruby Malkemes, Purple Mono Portrait.

Ages 14-15 3-D Clay: 1st, Kasinda Graves, The Bird Cabin; 2nd, Colby Heaton, Birdboat; 3rd, Jill Verelst, Watermelon; HM, Lindsey Doran, Bird House.

Ages 14-15 acrylic/oil: 1st, Emily Geist, Kit-Cat; 2nd, Kirsten Weiser, The Lonely Frog; 3rd, Riley Mosher, Mountain Overlooks Forest; HM, Kasinda Graves, The Bridge.

Ages 14-15 mixed: 1st, Emily Geist, Something Fishy; 2nd, Kyler Burke, Holding Light; 3rd, Paige Burke, Infinite Face; HM, Kyler Burke, Skeleton Girl.

Ages 16-17 3-D Clay: 1st, Brandi Wood, Fairy House; 2nd, Sam Skoranski, Meditation Is Complete; 3rd, Kirk Kleinsasser, The Engineer Said It Would Work; HM, Gerhett Parrish, The Cluck Box.

Age 16 acrylic/oil: 1st, Haley Spivey, Sub 2 Pewdie Pie; 2nd, Colton Pretti, The Warrior Strikes at Dawn; 3rd, Brandi Wood, The Monroe; HM, Chris Hill, Iron Maiden.

Age 16 mixed: 1st, Jodie Stockage, Life; 2nd, Jodie Stockage, Night; 3rd, Jenna Hemmighaus, Plumerias; HM , Gerhett Parrish, Egg Falls.

Age 17 mixed: 1st, Rayanna Higley, Koi Galaxy; 2nd, Pilar Pastusic, Bright Colors; 3rd, Nathaniel Betts, Cascades; HM, Nathaniel Betts, Gamers! Rise Up!.

Ages 18-19 3-D Clay: 1st, Aaron Kinsey, Refurbished Deku Tree; 2nd, Dustin Birdwell, Green Bean; 3rd, Emma Shadduck, Sippy-Sea; HM, Emma Shadduck, The Lonely Lodge.

Ages 18-19 acrylic/oil/watercolor: 1st, Alexis Randall, Ducky Mo-Mo; 2nd, Donald Miley, L’il Bubbly; 3rd, Savannah Baldwin, The Monster in Flowers; HM, Morgan Randall, A Nice Carrot.

Ages 18-19 mixed: 1st, Kaitlyn Miller, We’re All Mad Here; 2nd, Leona Hatch, White on Green; 3rd, Landis Finch, Aenion-Zentangle; HM, Leona Hatch, Floating Rainbow.

Ages 18-19 pastel/colored pencil: 1st, Leah Beinlich, Broctree; 2nd, Jamie Smith, Fish Outta Water; 3rd, Kaitlyn Miller, “You Be Yin, I’ll Be Yang”; HM, Aaron Kinsey, King Leviathan.

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Kyler Burke Tops Literary Contest

For the third time in the last four years, Kyler Burke has taken first prize in the SCCA Literary Contest. Her short story, “The Art of Hallucination,” was praised by the Arts Council judges, Connie Hatch, Ben Olena and Sarah Parrish, for its language and gripping style.

Second prize went to Samantha Skoranski for her short play on war and annihilation, “The End of All Things,” and her two poems, “Ask Me” and “On My Own.”

Cassidy Skoranski two poems, “Waves” and “Just Breathe,” earned her third prize with their lessons in survival under tough conditions.

Fourth prize was awarded by the judges to Kirk Kleinsasser for his poetic entry, “Stress,” about the pressures of life and the flow of time.

Each winner will receive a cash prize and be published, along with the winners of the Youth Art awards for the visual arts, in our annual magazine, Hills and Valleys.

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Tunes for Troubled Times

If you are ready to ditch the media news and the weather doldrums and try something different and exciting, the Sullivan County Library has a music program that will both entertain and educate. Beginning Saturday April 27th at 10 a.m., (ignore anything you might have seen that lists an earlier starting date), local writer and director Derek Davis will be presenting a month-long tour of music to reanimate your spirits. Each session will be diverse and focus on a particular area of musical interest.

The first session, “World Pop,” will present both aboriginal and outback hits of Australia; music from Yemen, Africa and South America; Caribbean and East Indian sounds; the Balinese “monkey chant”; the Bulgarian Women’s Choir, and the immortal French diva Edith Piaf.

There will be four sessions altogether of roughly an hour each, plus an opportunity for Q&A. The other three sessions will follow, May 4, 111 and 18, and will cover: worldwide “Christian Music,” a “Lost Music” session of obscure artists and songs that are hard to come by but worthy of enjoying, and the “Humor Hour,” music to tickle your funny bone from Spike Jones, Weird Al Yankovic and others from the far realms of music.

Refreshments will be served. Please register prior to each event by calling 570-928-9352. This program has been arranged by the Friends of the Sullivan County Library.

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Countywide Calendar

Our Countywide Calendar is set up to list all kinds of public events (except church services and sports) in Sullivan County. So if your organization is sending an event listing to the Sullivan Review and/or Connie Hatch’s S.C.A.N email newsletter, add to you “To:” header. And feel free to put the calendar URL on your organization’s (or even personal) website: We update the Calendar weekly. 

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For a list of all our major programs, look here.

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