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Leona (left) and Anastasia, as they appeared in the Roving Historical Theater production, “Northwest Passage,” in 2010.

Hatch and Miller Share Theater Award

The SCCA’s annual Theater Award will be shared this year by graduating Sullivan County High School seniors Leona Hatch and Anastasia Miller.

Both Leona and Anastasia had their theatrical start with the Roving Historical Theater. But the most interesting aspect of their sharing the award is the balance between public performance and the all-too-often hidden work back stage.

Leona first trod the boards at age five in the initial Roving Historical Theater production, “The Founding of Sullivan County,” in 2007. Anastasia first joined the cast of 2009’s “Dushore: Past and Present.” From that point, both Leona and Anastasia appeared in every Roving Theater production through to the last in its cycle of eight plays, “The Home Front,” in 2014.

Leona started her SCHS acting in grade seven with the starring role in “The Secret Garden,” and went on to enjoy several other major roles through high school. Linda White, artistic director of the Roving Theater, lauds Leona for “her wide range of acting skills, intensity and dedication to each of her roles, which she helped develop along with the plays’ writers.”

Anastasia’s interests in high school turned to stage managing, and she quickly became the “go to” person for the organization of the physical productions, an essential aspect of theater often overlooked by the audience. High school drama club and theater director Melissa Mabus notes that “Anastasia has gone above and beyond with stage managing and leading both cast and crew members during our run of show for the past several years.”

Anastasia and Leona will share the cash prize that goes with the award.

Interestingly, both winners expand on their family interest in theater. Anastasia’s elder brother, Nicholas, also took home the Theater Award for his work behind the scenes, and  Leona’s big brother, Ben, received the award for both his acting and stage-managing roles.

The Theater Award, along with the SCCA Literary Awards, will be publicly presented at the high school awards assembly in May.

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SCCA meeting dates changed

This year, the monthly board meetings of the SCCA will be held on the third Thu. of every month, 7 pm, at the library. This month, that means Feb. 21. Please note: Though these are labeled as board meetings, they are open to all SCCA members and to guests who might be wondered what’s going on with the arts in Sullivan Cty. 

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Facebook revival

Take a look at our Facebook page sometime soon. It’s come back to life and looking good. 

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2019 brochure and membership mailing

Our annual membership mailing has gone out to every member from the last few years, asking you to support not only the Arts Council, but the whole artistic community of Sullivan County.

The SCCA has as little overhead as any organization in existence: no office, no executive director, no paid employees, no furniture to wear out, just a storage shed packed solid with the outfit’s history. All our funds go to the arts – prizes and awards to student and adult visual artists and to student writers, support to performers, advertising to bring in audiences new and old.

You can join or rejoin annually for a mere $25 for individual or family, with $50 making you a Patron, $100 a Benefactor (for $1000, we spread our collective coats across every puddle in Dushore to leave your shoes spotless).

So watch you mail for our letter and brochure, or beat us to the punch by sending your check to SCCA, PO Box 243, Dushore, PA 28614.

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Countywide Calendar

Our Countywide Calendar is set up to list all kinds of public events (except church services and sports) in Sullivan County. So if your organization is sending an event listing to the Sullivan Review and/or Connie Hatch’s S.C.A.N email newsletter, add to you “To:” header. And feel free to put the calendar URL on your organization’s (or even personal) website: We update the Calendar weekly. 

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For a list of all our major programs, look here.

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Heading photo by Donna Sherwood