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emmett kelly_7

Emmett Kelly as Weary Willie

April 2!

You know how Nov. 1 is All Saints’ Day and Nov. 2 is All Souls’ Day? Well it’s a lesser known fact that April 2, following April Fools’ Day, is Decommissioned Clowns’ Day. Yes, Weary Willie sits in his BarcaLounger from noon to midnight watching Buster Keaton movies on Netflix, while his other pals from Ringling days chase slugs and play quoits outside. When the mantelpiece clock sticks its tongue out and yells, “Time’s up, dingleberries,” everybody crawls into their army surplus tents to sleep for the next 364 days. 

It’s a more exciting life than it sounds, because sometimes it rains.

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Literary Contest winners in the Sully

Thanks to Editor of the Year Chris Shoemaker, the first- and second-place winners of our Literary Contest – Kyler Burke and Fin Apollo – will be featured in the Sullivan Review over the coming weeks. The first installment of Kyler’s story, “Down in New Orleans,” ran this Weds. and will be continued, along with Fin’s wonderful collection of poetry. When we get our act together, we plan to put them online as well.

All Lit. winners will appear in the our Hills and Valleys magazine, to be published by the end of the school year.

Prizes will be given out at the annual high school student assembly, schedule permitting, along with the student Theater Award. The timing of the Arts Council’s annual Choice of Show Award, for the top single visual-art piece, will also depend on when school reopens.

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Heading photo by Donna Sherwood