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2019 Jodie Stockage Nature

Choice of Show 2019: Jodie Stockage, “Nature”

Choice of Show and school art shows

The elementary school and high school art shows were both a gas. Not only was the student work spectacular, but so was the effort put in by instructors Melissa Swift and Dylan Wiesner. The grade school hallways were hung solid with excellent artwork from K-6, plus the “Recycled Art” project that Melissa has been overseeing the last three years.

At the high school show, we presented our  Choice of Show award to Jodie Stockage for her multi-media painting, “Nature.” It will be framed and put on display in the high school hallway, along with the other winners going back to 1998. Our judges were Helen Day, Mary Ellen Minnier and Linda White. 

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Hills and Valleys

The 9th edition of our literary and visual arts magazine has been printed and can be picked up for FREE at the Sullivan County Library in Dushore. It includes the four winners of our Literary contest and the 33 first, second and third place winners of the Youth Art visual prizes at the high school level.

Our thanks to the high school, particularly Wendy Deller, for her magically rapid printing of the mag on short notice.

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Kyler Burke Tops Literary Contest

For the third time in the last four years, Kyler Burke has taken first prize in the SCCA Literary Contest. Her short story, “The Art of Hallucination,” was praised by the Arts Council judges, Connie Hatch, Ben Olena and Sarah Parrish, for its language and gripping style.

Second prize went to Samantha Skoranski for her short play on war and annihilation, “The End of All Things,” and her two poems, “Ask Me” and “On My Own.”

Cassidy Skoranski two poems, “Waves” and “Just Breathe,” earned her third prize with their lessons in survival under tough conditions.

Fourth prize was awarded by the judges to Kirk Kleinsasser for his poetic entry, “Stress,” about the pressures of life and the flow of time.

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Countywide Calendar

The Countywide Calendar will be retired at the end of July, since it gets too few visits to justify maintaining it. TheSullivan Review runs full listings under Events of Interest. Also, sign up to receive Connie Hatch’s delightful email Sullivan County Area News (S.C.A.N.), which provides a wealth of calendar news: wbsc62 at 

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