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Leonardo Da Vinci’s “St. John the Baptist.” Compare this brilliantly alive portrait to the static, dreary supposed Leonardo that recently sold for close to half a million dollars.

2019 brochure and membership mailing

Our annual membership mailing will be going out to every member from the last few years, asking you not to support only the Arts Council, but the whole artistic community of Sullivan County.

The SCCA has as little overhead as any organization in existence: no office, no executive director, no paid employees, no furniture to wear out, just a storage shed packed solid with the outfit’s history. All our funds go to the arts – prizes and awards to student and adult visual artists and to student writers, support to performers, advertising to bring in audiences new and old.

And 2019 should be even better than 2018, with the third visit from Simple Gifts, bringing a small carload of ukuleles to Sullivan Terrace for a workshop, followed by a concert in St. Francis Hall, Mildred, as well as all our regular programs, the November return of the Celtic Martins and a reprise of last year’s well-received potluck and sing-along.

You can join or rejoin annually for a mere $25 for individual or family, with $50 making you a Patron, $100 a Benefactor (for $1000, we spread our collective coats across every puddle in Dushore to leave your shoes spotless).

So watch you mail for our letter and brochure, or beat us to the punch by sending your check to SCCA, PO Box 243, Dushore, PA 28614.

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Art Expo winners

You can look at all the 2018 first-place Fall Art Expo winners here.

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Would you like to serve on the SCCA board?

We need enthusiastic, dedicated, bright, personable, happy, friendly new board members. It’s a fun, collegial group. They meet once a month (except January) for about an hour and a half in the evening at the library in Dushore. You’ll be assigned non-onerous duties to help plan and execute Arts Council programs.

The last few years have seen an expansion not just of programs, but of our connection to other community groups. Barb Murray, our president, has been a long-time officer of the Dushore Music Club. Board member Dylan Wiesner is the Sullivan County High School art instructor. And we’ve extended our scholarship program to include both the Music Club and Endless Arts in Eagles Mere. Two years ago we added a youth category to the Fall Art Expo. Finally, we recently established an endowment fund through the Community Foundation for the Twin Tiers. 

If you’d like to serve, contact Barb Murray at 570-928-8968 or

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Countywide Calendar

Our Countywide Calendar is set up to list all kinds of public events (except church services and sports) in Sullivan County. So if your organization is sending an event listing to the Sullivan Review and/or Connie Hatch’s S.C.A.N email newsletter, add to you “To:” header. And feel free to put the calendar URL on your organization’s (or even personal) website: We update the Calendar weekly. 

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For a list of all our major programs, look here.

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Heading photo by Donna Sherwood