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Bosch, ship of fools

Hieronymus Bosch, “Ship of Fools,” seen in full sail these days.

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There was little to decide at the July board meeting. We agreed, again, to hold off until the Aug. meeting to decide on whether the Bob Milne concert in Oct. and the Celtic Martins in Nov. can be held. Offhand, it doesn’t look too promising, but in case things don’t turn out, we have a suggestion:

Form a HUGE circle outdoors, standing at least 6 feet apart, and celebrate that we have nothing to do. We skip around to the right, then to the left, our hands high in the air, and sing, “Nothing to do! Nothing to do! Woo hoo, we have nothing to do!” Genghis Khan would do this with his army when there was no one left to conquer. Then they would all sit down and eat several sheep.

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Fall Art Expo cancelled

Since the Fall Festival in Oct. has been cancelled, the Art Expo fell with it. We have sent out an email to all the visual artists on our list, but if you know someone personally who might have wanted to enter, please let them know. We’re trying to see if there’s some practical way to hold a virtual exhibit (with real prizes), possibly with the school arts shows as well. Stay tuned.

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The Arts Council has once again joined the Dushore Music Club in providing scholarships to high school graduates pursuing music as a career. We had hoped to also again support scholarships for high school juniors to attend the Oct. Endless Arts in Eagles Mere, but the event has been shelved for this year and moved to 2021 in response to the virus closedown. If any of you have ideas for how this money can be redirected for 2020, please get in touch.

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We were delighted to once again receive a $2,500 grant from the Claire Aldona Gallagher Trust for the Arts. These funds are provided to support and expand our programs. We also received our annual $700 donation from the Sullivan County Commissioners. These were on top of our $3,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Though its been a lean year for our usual programs – especially for students – we plan to find new ways to support the arts and artists of the area. Again, any clever (or even mundane) suggestions more than welcome.

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For a list of all our major programs, look here.

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Heading photo by Donna Sherwood