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Rita Millard Water Lilies 1st place 3D

Rita Millard took first prize in 3-D work for her quilt piece, “Water Lilies,” at the 2019 Fall Art Expo at the Forksville Fairgrounds.

2020 Brochure and Membership

Our new brochure is being printed and it’s a beauty, thanks to Unparalleled Design Mistress of North Central PA, Eleanor at Parrot Graphics. It’s yellow! Who else would come up with a gorgeous yellow brochure? (By the way, your editor detests the word “brochure.” It sounds like something unidentifiable you’d find at the back of your bedroom closet.)

Our membership mailing will go out in January. What do you get from being an SCCA member? Satisfaction. You’re supporting all the arts – visual, theatrical, literary, musical and everything else that goes into making the residents of Sullivan County and surrounding areas complete, well-rounded human beings. We’re especially proud of the work we do with the county’s students through our Youth Art, Choice of Show, Literary, Theater and Art Expo awards. You also get this almost-weekly update filled with snickering opinions and snide remarks; a website to consult; and, if all goes well, an updated and current Facebook presence. In other words, a lot of satisfaction for very little depletion of your wallet. As you’ll see when you receive the new brochure (“Alice, what’s this thing back here?”).

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Our Literary Contest

The 2020 annual Literary Contest is off and running. Open to all Sullivan County students in grades 7-12 – public, private, home schooled and the Red Rock Job Corps Center – the deadline is March 15, 2020.

The rules are simple: We accept fiction, non-fiction and poetry on virtually any subject (one first-prize winner, Megan Kiner, wrote a short story about the failed plot to kill Hitler in 1944). We do request that you avoid profanity and pornography.

We stoutly believe that writing is a premier mark of civilization, and one too easily shunted aside in today’s culture. Thus our motto: “Retrieve the Word!”

Any student interested in the contest can contact Linda White at lin6clay at

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For a list of all our major programs, look here.

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Heading photo by Donna Sherwood