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Zoe Pedro, watercolor, “Rehoboth”: 2021 Choice of Show Award

Fall Art Expo: The Big 30!

Better late than never, you can look through all our 2021 Fall Art Expo winners here. This 30th anniversary (delayed to the 31st year because of pandemonic concerns) was a total delight. See for yourself!

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Bob Milne returned!

And we all had a heck of a good time listening to (and watching) Bob do the nearly impossible at a ragtime piano, October 2 in St. Basil’s Hall, Dushore. Yes, Bob’s playing has to be seen as well as heard; his hands do things on the keyboard that most of us wouldn’t believe. His storytelling was superb as well, providing the perfect introduction to his wide-ranging repertoire.

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2021 Hills and Valleys

The latest edition of our annual literary magazine can be browsed or downloaded here. As we always say when we give the dog a plate to lick, “There’s really good stuff here!” As noted below, Kyler Burke has ended her Sullivan County High School career be taking the top literary prize for the fifth time in six years. But she’s only one of the many talents can can uncover in Hills and Valleys. As always, we’re deeply proud of the talent that Sullivan County continually releases into the world.

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2021 High school awards

The Arts Council provided three exhibit judges – Linda White, Helen Day, and Camelia Peguero – to choose 1st-10th place awards for students’ individual art displays, each comprising three artworks that the student felt were their strongest artistic creations throughout the school year. The cash prizes, as in previous years, were provided through the continued generosity of the PA Bowhunter’s Festival Association.

Zoe Pedro made it a clean sweep by taking the top award in this category as well as Choice of Show for “Rehoboth” (see top of this page), which will be added to the collection in the Sullivan County High School hallway, along with the other annual winners starting in 1998.

1st place – $125 prize: Zoe Pedro

2nd place – $100 prize: Colton Pretti

3rd place – $75 prize: Emily Geist

4th place – $50 prize: Paige Burke

5th place – $25 prize: Kyler Burke

6th place – $25 prize: Colby Heaton

7th place – $25 prize: Chris Hill

8th place – $25 prize: Karlee Wettlaufer

9th place – $25 prize: Kailee Vest

10th place – $25 prize: Lyndsay Smith

SCHS art teacher (and SCCA board member) Dylan Wiesner thanks everyone who helped make this virtual show possible and congratulates all of the winners and participants. 

The exhibition is available for public viewing on the Sullivan County High School website, Simply click on the link titled “2020-2021 SCHS Virtual Art Show.

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Heading photo by Donna Sherwood