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Emmett Kelly as Weary Willie

Art doth prosper

The Arts Council is pretty much in abeyance (a small country in central Asia that refuses to export any objects made from rats’ whiskers), but there are tons of artistic possibilities close-at-hand in these trying times (especially for sculptors – did you know that the average monumental sculpture consumes 15 tons of marble? Neither did we). 

At home, you can stare at the wondrous works of art on your walls or listen to the crows complaining in the hemlocks. Online, you can visit the Sistine Chapel, which takes you on a dizzying tour of Michelangelo’s most famous ceiling, swirling your around like an inebriated dust mote. And on YouTube, you can click on the following link for over an hour of sacred music of medieval Spain, which is not only a meltingly gorgeous collection of pre-Renaissance works, played live, but includes – both musicians and singers – probably the most beautiful group of people ever gathered in one earthly spot. (No, it doesn’t matter if you can’t hum the tunes, c’mon.):

You’d prefer to read the classics in your imposed but perhaps cherished isolation? If you don’t already have a Kindle, grab one. Yes, there’s the upfront cost for the machine, but then you can get the complete works of Charles Dickers for $2.99, of Jane Austen for $1.99, every word that Fyodor Dostoevsky ever wrote or thought for $.99 (this is actually so) and all of Tolstoy for $2.99, illustrated (illustrated!). Or the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft (I’d rather not) for $1.99. You can read yourself silly or to sleep or into insanity for less than the cost of a really bad bar beer! 

Or you can just doodle next to the phone.

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Literary Contest winners in the Sully

Thanks to Editor of the Year Chris Shoemaker, the first- and second-place winners of our Literary Contest – Kyler Burke and Fin Apollo – are being featured in the Sullivan Review, a bit at a time. Kyler’s story, “Down in New Orleans,” has run the last three weeks and will be continued, along with Fin Apollo’s wonderful collection of poetry. We plan to send out the winners’ checks over the next week, rather than hope for the revival of the (normally) annual awards gathering in the high school auditorium. The timing of the Arts Council’s Choice of Show Award, for the top single visual-art piece, will happen when reality stops intervening.

All Lit. winners will appear in the our Hills and Valleys magazine, to be published… eventually.

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For a list of all our major programs, look here.

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Heading photo by Donna Sherwood