Things we’re looking for

With the Roving Theater on hiatus, we’re left with a fairly large gap in the Arts Council programming. Part of that (probably the largest part) will be filled with an expansion of our music offerings.

At this point, we plan to dissolve the Ultimate Weekend into smaller music klatches peppered throughout the year. Ragtime pianist Bob Milne will be returning as one of our acts and the Celtic Martins will extend their streak, on different dates and possibly at different locations.

We hope to include more dancing, more loosey-goosey, laidback, audience-participation events, and we hope to expand the roster of places where we bring our performers (preferrable ones with comfortable parking).

Outside the music sphere, we’re looking for summer programs for students that would be worthy of our scholarships. And not to neglect the older set, we’re considering a wider variety of adult programs and projects. We also want to create firmer bonds with other arts groups in the area

What would you like to see, hear, taste or smell that the Arts Council could provide? Take a minute to think about it, then send us a note here.

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