Literary Contest

(OK, this is a cheat because I copied most of it from my latest email. Can’t be original all the time, can we?) Our 8th annual lit contest has begun and will run through March 15, 2018. Please hound any student you know, grades 7-12 – public, private, home schooled, Red Rock Job Corps Center – to enter. We’re especially interested in tracking down the home schoolers, who can be difficult to identify. You can download the entry rules here

There’s a general feeling afoot that writing is falling by the wayside in these days of abbreviated texting. We’d hate to see that, but we also believe that this lapse is temporary – social trends change over time, and they’re galloping faster each year (a social “generation” is now 5 years or less). Creative writing is still out there and will likely show a resurgence when we least expect it.

Sort of like human decency.


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