SCCA meeting coming

The next monthly meeting of the Arts Council board will take place April 16 at the library in Dushore, 6 pm. Though it’s technically a “board” meeting, all SCCA members and friends of the arts are welcome. We like to keep everyone in the loop that we possibly can – plus, we’re looking for new board members. Artists, of course, are welcome, but at this point we’d especially like to see a few “practical” hands added, those who some knowledge of funding, gladhanders and jolly good fellows with a background in the real world. Also, ideas for new programs and events are always welcome.

If you come, slip around to the library’s side door, which takes you through the office and out to the Grand Central Table where we gather. The Arts Council board is a fine bunch, the meetings are generally short and we have a good time. Oh, bring cookies.

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